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Please join us in thanking our generous sponsors for their commitment to developing and fostering talent in our athletes.   

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Martin Deerline

Martin Deerline is a family owned and operated dealership with over 54 years of experience in the agriculture, property owner, commercial mowing, construction, golf and landscaping industries. Whether you are looking for a lawn mower for your home, a tractor for your farm, construction equipment, golf course mowers, replacement parts or a tune-up, we’ve got you covered. With 24-hour around the clock on-call parts and service, and a staff of fully trained and certified technicians - our goal is to provide quality products with superior aftermarket support and a level of service that is unsurpassed. Come visit any of our 10 Alberta locations to find your next piece of new or used equipment.

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Alborak Stables is owned and operated by Canadian Olympic Athlete Sandra Donnelly.   


Alborak Stables is located  West of Calgary, Alberta and sits on  1500 acres of land with the following incredible amenities:

  • 25 Stall Barn 

  • 20,000 Square Foot Indoor Arena - Travel Bright Footing

  • Outdoor Sand Ring

  • Equestrian Terrain Park and Gallop Track


Alborak is a special facility offering the following opportunities:


  • Boarding of Pleasure and Performance Horses

  • High Performance Horse Operations (Breeding, Training, Sales)



  • Developing Athletes Program:

Alborak Riding Center and EC Rider Levels

Several Coaches, including some of the High Performance Athletes.  Opportunity to attend local schooling and development shows.  Grassroots focus - All are welcome!

  • High Performance Program:  

Sandra focuses on coaching athletes to develop a comprehensive training regimen for both themselves and their horses.  This program encourages independence of the athletes, teaching athletes to consider all aspects of training and competing such as physical conditioning, technical skills, gap analysis, mental preparedness, and the overall well-being of the horse and rider.  Training sessions include dressage, show jumping, and cross-country exercises tailored to improve performance in each phase of eventing.  Sandra uses and refers her athletes to personal trainers, sport psychologists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, and discipline specialists.

  • Clinics  

    • Annually:  December - New Year Training Planning for HP and Developing Athletes, Review of Prior Year

    • Quarterly:  Progress Review and Update goals based on performance

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InHand Equine Therapy

Founded in 1996, Inhand Equine Therapy specializes in the optimization of health and improvement of performance in equine and canine athletes through a holistic approach led by owner Tina Watkins (EST EEBW3).



Education and growth is a core value of Inhand Equine Therapy, and each member of the Inhand team is always #strivingformastery. Firm in the belief that the more one learns of the function of the body, the more one learns there is so much more yet to be discovered, Inhand’s equine therapists are always learning to provide clients with the cutting edge session protocols.

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